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In support of our principals, we dedicate to the evolving needs of biotechnology, Consumer Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies with innovative drug delivery solutions.


We offer a range of products catered for Consumer Healthcare, Prescriptive Drugs (Rx), Injectables and General Applications.


Nasal Decongestant
Nasal Saline
Cough & Cold
Dermal Drug Delivery
Wound Treatments
Ear, Nose & Oral Care
Eye Care
Other Applications

Allergic Rhinitis
Asthma & COPD
Central Nervous System
Antiviral Immunotherapy
Other Therapies

Small Molecules
Animal health
Other applications


Pills & Tablets
Other Usage


Nasal Spray Systems

APTAR Pharma nasal sprays are available for both local and systemic application of solutions, suspensions, high-viscosity and powder-based formulations. Standard range was developed to suit most pharmaceutical packaging requirements. Numerous dose volumes, closure sizes and types, various actuator designs for different age range and ethnic regions, with many that are interchangeable with the same assembly.

Oral & Ear Spray Systems

APTAR Pharma mouth, throat & ear sprays with standard and swivel nozzle options are designed mainly for application of medicine within the mouth and inside the ears. Either option of throat actuators with choice of nozzle feature an integrated spray insert to ensure maximum user safety. These sprayers are also widely used for female hygiene disinfectant, ear care, hair and scalp medications, and other applications with ergonomics and packaging benefits in mind.

Topical Spray & Dispensing Systems

APTAR Pharma micro-spray and dispensing systems support both topical and dermal applications of medical drugs. For maximum consumer convenience, the micro spray systems are also available in upside-down other than the standard upright version. Vast dose volumes, closure sizes and types, various actuator designs for different usage, aesthetic and applications. Some actuators are interchangeable with the same piston assembly.

STELMI Injectables

APTAR STELMI Injectables with over 50 years of experience in the development and production of parenteral primary packaging for more than 700 customers globally. Regardless of the application requirements for injectables or whether your drug product is packaged in glass or plastic pre-filled syringe, a vial or catridge, APTAR STELMI will have a high-quality solution.


Innovative packaging featuring easy handling, flexibility and providing alternatives to the packing, presenting and application of products.

Examples such as: Ophthalmic Drops, Dry Powdered Inhaler (DPI), Metered Dosed Inhaler (MDI), Air Sensitive Creams & Lotions, Child-Resistance Closure for Liquids, Tablets & etc.